SRCA in the Court of Appeal

The Southern Response Class Action was back in Court yesterday. After the High Court certified the case as a representative action in October 2016, Southern Response approached the Court of Appeal in an attempt to overturn this decision.

The case went well and we are confident in the arguments put to the Court by our experienced barristers. We were particularly pleased to see that the Judges recognised the importance of class actions in providing access to justice and commented on how positive more class actions would be on the Christchurch High Court Earthquake List.

Many of the claimants within the Southern Response Class Action would not have the means otherwise to fund their own litigation and it is through Litigation Lending Services’ (LLS) continued support that they are able to fight for their entitlement.

The Court of Appeal’s decision is 2-3 months away and in the meantime, the class will continue to progress their claims.

If you are still in dispute with Southern Response over the damage to your property following the Canterbury earthquakes, check out our previous post to learn how to Register Your Interest

Are you a Southern Response customer, or know someone who is? Are you still waiting for your Canterbury Earthquake insurance claim to be settled? Do you want what is fair for you and your family, but are sick of waiting? You are not alone. [Transcript]

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