Action Knocked But Not Beaten

After being heard in the Christchurch High Court, our initial bid for a group action against Southern Response has been rejected. While this is undeniably a setback, it is by no means the end of the road for SRCA.

Contrary to headlines splashed across national media our case has not been ‘thrown out’.

In his decision, Justice Cameron Mander rejected our submission on the basis that he struggled to define the commonality between claims. In doing so, Mander J. has paved the way for a reformation of the case and an opportunity to return with greater strength and focus. While our claims are indeed many and varied, there are also many irrefutably recurring themes and strong linkages between them.

Further, in his judgment, Mander J. has extended an express invitation to return to the courtroom, stating that his ruling is ‘without prejudice to any modified application based on a reformulation of the proposed proceeding which meets the concerns expressed in this judgment’.

Over the coming weeks and months GCA Lawyers will be working harder than ever to regroup and fine-tune our strategy. We will bring together all of the evidence and information that we have at our disposal such that we can clearly and undeniably illustrate the commonality in our cases.

Make no mistake that our claimants will have their day in court, that their collective voice will be heard, and that Southern Response will be held accountable.

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