Southern Response's new "take it or leave it" deadline

After more than six years, Southern Response is now writing to people saying there needs to be a clear process and pathway to settlement of your claim. They say this is because they are going to close the Arrow-led repair and rebuild process in June 2017, and they say that this “new process” is to help insureds make a decision about their claim.

If you have received one of these letters, you know that Southern Response is saying that if they have put a settlement offer or DRA to you already, then you have until 1 December 2016 (a matter of a few weeks) to take that offer (not to discuss the offer or negotiate a fair settlement from that offer) or they will put you into their detailed design process. It doesn't matter if you are not planning to have Arrow do your repair or rebuild work, they are going to do these designs, based on their view of your claim and their view about the correct methodology, and they are going to charge you for the cost of this detailed design.

If you don't want a “take it or leave it” option, and you don't want to pay for plans that you don't intend to for use, but you don’t think Southern Response has put a fair offer on the table, call GCA lawyers for advice about your options.

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