Why is GCA Lawyers trying to start a class action?

Over the last three years, GCA Lawyers has acted for hundreds of Cantabrians against their insurer, and we have spoken with hundreds more about their claims.

What we heard over and over was that claimants, even when they had a good case, couldn’t afford to take legal action against their insurer. The costs of expert reports, legal fees, and going through court were simply too high.

After leading so many successful class actions, GCA Lawyers has a unique perspective on how large groups of people can work together to take on large companies and the government.

We decided to join our insurance expertise with our class action expertise so that all policyholders could take on Southern Response.

With a litigation funder on board, that means these barriers no longer exist:

  • initial costs;
  • ongoing fees;
  • the risk of having to pay court costs if you lose; and
  • the risk of being worse off.

This means that all policyholders can have access to justice and hold Southern Response to account.

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