Southern Response Class Action – Details of the Court of Appeal Decision

As our blog post yesterday announced, the Court of Appeal Judgement in the Southern Response Class Action[1] has found in our favour on all key matters discussed at the appeal.1. Justice Gendall’s decision in his High Court[2] was right to grant leave for a representative action to proceed. The Court... Read more


SOUTHERN RESPONSE CLASS ACTION TO PROCEED MEDIA RELEASE Monday 30 October 2017 Mr Cameron, Solicitor for the policyholders in the Southern Response Class Action confirmed this afternoon, that “the group were very pleased to receive a positive judgment from the Court of Appeal ” and that, “as this case has... Read more


Effectively, the class action has been ‘stayed’ for nearly two years while the lawyers argue about whether the action may proceed as a ‘representative action’ under the High Court Rules. Sadly, rather than simply letting the courts get on and manage these proceedings as it may see fit, Southern Response... Read more

Back in Court!

Southern Response’s ‘strategy to minimise its liability for earthquake claims’ is back in courtIn early 2014 GCA Lawyers was approached by a group of AMI policyholders concerned that their insurer was guilty of unjustifiable delays in progressing claims and that it was misleading them as to their policy entitlements. Concerns... Read more

Southern Response appeal the Class Action's go-ahead

On Monday, Southern Response announced it had filed an appeal against Justice Gendall’s recent High Court decision to allow the Southern Response Class Action to proceed in the courts. In making its announcement Southern Response denied using an overall strategy that seeks to minimise policyholders’ entitlement but obviously, lodging an... Read more

Southern Response Class Action given the green light

By Judgement delivered 16 December 2016 Justice Gendall granted the group's application for leave to bring the proceedings as a representative action. That has cleared the way for the class action to now proceed in the courts.Also, his Honour directed that an explanatory letter/memorandum be provided to both existing members... Read more

Why Join a Class Action

If you find yourself on the streets of a foreign city trying to get your bearings, it’s often best to head to the nearest hill or a vantage point on a high building. As soon as you get there, your whole perspective changes and you can see the ‘lie of... Read more

Southern Response's new "take it or leave it" deadline

After more than six years, Southern Response is now writing to people saying there needs to be a clear process and pathway to settlement of your claim. They say this is because they are going to close the Arrow-led repair and rebuild process in June 2017, and they say that... Read more

Serious Allegations - Media Release 19 October

Francis Cooke QC, Counsel for the plaintiff group, confirmed that the primary allegation was that Southern Response was implementing a deliberate strategy designed to minimise its financial liability to claims and that such was a serious allegation.The court was told that a key difference between the parties was that the... Read more


Southern Response Class Action (SRCA) is back in court on Wednesday seeking an order that their class action may proceed. The group of 40, accuses Southern Response (which is owned by the Government) of consistently delaying earthquake house repairs, and of under-estimating claims. On 16 December 2015 the group applied... Read more


On 16 December 2015 the High Court heard an application by Southern Response policy owners seeking an order that they could jointly bring a ‘representative action’ to the court.About 45 policyholders were concerned to seek court assistance in the resolution of their insurance claims because their insurer was failing to... Read more

The Battle with EQC Still Rages

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Former Class Action Members Further Mistaken

The High Court has found resoundingly in favour of the Southern Response Class Action group that two unhappy former members need to face their fee obligations with the litigation funder, LLS, through the proper channels. The two members of the Class Action left the proceedings in an attempt to avoid... Read more

Limitation Period explained

Under limitation law, insurance companies can file a defence against any claim which is brought after 6 years from the date of the earthquake event that caused the damage. The first of these dates is 4 September 2016, and the next major date will be 22 February 2017. AA Insurance,... Read more

Amended Claim Filed In Christchurch High Court

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Action Knocked But Not Beaten

After being heard in the Christchurch High Court, our initial bid for a group action against Southern Response has been rejected. While this is undeniably a setback, it is by no means the end of the road for SRCA. Contrary to headlines splashed across national media our case has not... Read more


CLASS ACTION FILED IN CHRISTCHURCH HIGH COURTA class action against Southern Response was filed in the Christchurch High Court earlier this afternoon [2.15pm. 26 August 2015].Southern Response is the Crown owned company set up to manage the insurance claims of AMI policy holders resulting from the Christchurch earthquake.The class action... Read more

Your options

With the deadline looming, here is an update on where the Class Action stands and your options: INSURER REACTIONAs expected, the insurer is becoming very concerned about the imminent class action and is seeking to undermine it. Some policyholders have been told that there will be an “urgent reassessment” of... Read more

Why is GCA Lawyers trying to start a class action?

Over the last three years, GCA Lawyers has acted for hundreds of Cantabrians against their insurer, and we have spoken with hundreds more about their claims.What we heard over and over was that claimants, even when they had a good case, couldn’t afford to take legal action against their insurer.... Read more

Will a class action work?

You may have heard some people suggesting a class action will not work – it’s not possible because everyone’s insurance claim is different.That is not the case – a class action will work to resolve the insurance claims of each person in the group. To see why, answer these questions:... Read more