How It Works

How the Class Action works

A class action is a court case taken by a group of people with a common set of legal problems, acting together rather than as individuals.

By bringing everyone’s cases together, the court can see the true pattern about how Southern Response is dealing with these earthquake claims.

There will be three written contracts. The first will be between you and the litigation funder (and also with all the other people who form the class) because the funder is agreeing to remove all financial risk for you.

The second contract will be with GCA Lawyers. You will be our client and we will be your legal team.

Finally, there is a contract between the litigation funder and GCA Lawyers about how the class action will be funded. If you register your interest in the class-action we will send you full information about how these agreements work. Although you can then join the action, you are not bound to join simply by registering your interest.

Funding the Class Action

We have secured litigation funding for the Class Action against Southern Response which means that the funders pay for the costs and expenses necessary to advance the case. This means there is nothing to lose and no upfront cost.

If the action is successful, the funder will receive a portion of the proceeds but, if the action fails, the litigation funder bears all the costs and you suffer no financial detriment.