Why join the Southern Response Class Action?

SRCA members have chosen to pursue a class action because:

  • There is nothing to lose by joining as they only pay if claimants win. All financial risk sits with the funder.
  • All Southern Response policyholders have been affected by delay but most are under too much financial stress to fund their own court action.
  • Class actions are clearly the most cost effective mechanism to force a large company to perform its promises.
  • The class action holds very high prospects of success.
  • The legal issues can be simplified and streamlined, then put before a Judge so the whole picture is finally out in the open.
  • By acting in a united manner, policyholders remove any prospect of the insurer using traditional 'divide and conquer' techniques.
  • Ultimately, all parties will be dealt with in accordance with their true legal entitlement under the policy.
  • In addition to the claim entitlement policyholders may be able to recover damages and costs.

Internationally, class actions have been very effective in bringing large companies or governments before the court. If the parties have been unable to resolve their differences along the way, the true position will be clearly explained for the court so that the court can determine the matter and provide policyholders with certainty and finality.

If you think you may want to participate, register now to find out more information and we will be in touch promptly. If you are unsure, call us on (03) 365 1347 or email contact@srca.co.nz